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Global luxury e-commerce platform Mytheresa has positioned itself amongst the first luxury platforms to design a shopping app for Apple Vision Pro, with the launch of its exclusive visionOS app this month. 

Mytheresa launches immersive shopping experience for Apple Vision Pro. – Mytheresa

The Mytheresa app, created in collaboration with Obsess, a leading immersive shopping technology platform and visionOS developer, transports users to an immersive digital luxury shopping experience in Capri, Italy, and Paris, France, where they can journey through Mytheresa’s curated selection of luxury fashion, featuring iconic brands like Loewe, Valentino, Saint Laurent, and more.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, the app allows users to navigate through hyper-realistic environments with intuitive eye and hand movements. The distinctive yellow box emblematic of Mytheresa, along with an exclusive pattern, will bookend the shopping journey.

Users can expect regular updates with new collection launches and exclusive capsule collections, presented in immersive carousels within contextual environments. Additionally, the Mytheresa app for Apple Vision Pro will feature curated styling sessions with Mytheresa personal shoppers in the near future, catering to the preferences of the platform’s top customers.

“Mytheresa firmly believes that selling luxury products needs emotions and unique experiences for customers. That is why we have become famous for creating true money-can’t-buy physical experiences for our best customers,” said Michael Kliger, CEO Mytheresa.

“With Apple Vision Pro we see the opportunity to create remarkable experiences that bring our users closer to Mytheresa. That is why we are keen and proud to lead the way with our Mytheresa app as one of the very first luxury brands on Apple Vision Pro.” 

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