A brand new pill which mimics the effects of exercise has been developed.—Reuters/File
A brand new pill which mimics the effects of exercise has been developed.—Reuters/File  

A brand new pill which mimics the effects of exercise has been developed in the laboratories of Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis and would be beneficial for sedentary individuals in different parts of the world, Audacy reported.

The research team led by Bahaa Elgendy PhD, a medicinal chemist and an associate professor of anesthesiology has achieved encouraging results in mice and expects a similar outcome with human trial patients.

Elgendy, in his opening, not only underlines the possibility of tablets to accelerate muscles growth devoid of physical efforts, but also reinforces the use of such tablets by the individuals who are unable to engage in traditional exercise routines. 

He explained to Fortune that the pill is not aimed to replace exercise, but as an addition to it. This makes the patient’s physical limitations to be of less weight or importance.

According to Elgendy, the drug could be used along with other medications being a part of treatment for such conditions as diabetes and obesity. He attests to the increasing interest in the pill and acknowledges its possibility to form synergies with presently available pharmaceuticals in battling diabetes and obesity.

The innovation is the milestone in exercise science where persons with health-related issues can now get a glimmer of hope. On the other hand, scientists remind us that the pill should not be the only tool for health, and that we should still exercise to maximise its effectiveness.

So, the pill is a revolutionary change in the healthcare services but, however, it remains as a supportive tool compared to the traditional routine methods.

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