Fine jewellery brand CaratLane has launched a new feature for its products named ‘Postcards’ to harness machine-learning technology to enable gift givers to embed video messages into any CaratLane ring which can be scanned and relived infinitely. 

CaratLane jewellery can now have personal video messages embedded to be played back infinitely – CaratLane

“Enabling our users to express their emotions is our brand’s purpose,” said CaratLane’s co-founder and CTO Gurukeerthi Gurunathan in a press release. “Over the last two years, our commitment to bringing Postcards to life has been through a tedious journey of constant trials, testing, and pushing the limits of technology. But the true beauty of Postcards doesn’t lie in the complex technology that powers this service. It lies in the seamlessness with which the user can attach their emotions to a ring, making it even more priceless.”
According to CaratLane, this service is a world first and the jewellery-based tech innovation was conceived by the brand’s co-founder and former managing director Mithun Sacheti. To launch the service, CaratLane partnered with music producer and personality Yashraj Mukhate to create a catchy song to engage audiences across social media. 

“Most of our designs are chosen for gifting, and over the years, we’ve seen that a vast majority of those users take the effort of writing a special gift message,” said CaratLane’s co-founder and CEO Avnish Anand. “While a gift message or card is personal, it’s also very transient- most people we spoke to ended up misplacing or losing the card in a few months. On the other hand, when it comes to conveying true emotions, a video is far more impactful. We wanted to address this inherent need for making the gifting experience deeply personalised through a service that would let users save these memories eternally. And that paved the way for Postcards.”

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