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ASP Syeda Sheherbano is a hardworking Pakistani police officer stationed in Gulberg Lahore. The smart ASP often gets headlines for her deeds of charity. She was previously commended for preventing the retired stray canines from being given lethal shots. The ASP also constructed a refuge house for retiring canines. ASP Sheherbano has received widespread public plaudits for protecting a lady in Lahore from an angry crowd. When a Pakistani woman was spotted wearing a blouse with Arabic phrases on it, the angry mob assaulted her, accusing her of violating Islamic words. At that time, ASP Sheherbano rescued the lady.

Now, the smart ASP is receiving a lot of praise for saving a life from the charged mod. Various YouTube networks have also asked ASP to participate in the interviews. BBC Urdu, Digital Pakistan, and Urdu Point have also uploaded interviews with the outstanding Pakistani ASP.

Well, in an interview with BBC Urdu, ASP Sheherbano detailed the incident. Speaking about it, she stated, “I received an anonymous call around 5 p.m. when the caller told me the location and said, ‘Here a lady is wearing a shirt with the calligraphy print and a mob has caught her, accusing her of disrespecting the Quran, she’s under attack.’” At that time, our first responsibility was to save the lady and transport her to a safer location. We take such calls so seriously that we often leave key meetings to prepare such reports.” When asked about the lady, the ASP stated, “She’s doing well; I spoke with her last night and again this morning.”

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She also discussed the issue with the Urdu Point anchor. Regarding the apologies, she stated, “The protection of the lady was important for us, so, we acted as per the situation, we did the things that ensured her safety.”

She also spoke with another YouTube channel, Digital Pakistan, and revealed critical information concerning the event. Talking over the details, she stated that they arranged for a Hijab, persuaded the mob to settle down, and retrieved the lady.

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