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Pakistani dramas have received widespread worldwide recognition. Local dramas are increasingly adored by audiences throughout the world. However, these famous shows are not always flawlessly written and delivered. We frequently find problems in plays in the form of poor execution, continuity concerns, improper casting, and low production. Recently, drama producers have also been making casting blunders.

Most drama producers are increasingly placing prominent middle-aged actors in parental roles. Actors playing parents include Kashif Mehmood, Zainab Qayyum, Amir Qureshi, Aly Khan, Laila Wasti, Mehmood Aslam, Omair Rana, Sohail Sameer, Shamyl Khan, and Nauman Ijaz. Although these actors are passionate about their job and have seamlessly transitioned into the parents of protagonists over the age of thirty, fans disliked them as mature actors’ parents. The audience and the actors believe that effective casting brings experienced actors to the forefront while also improving storytelling.

All performers who have portrayed elder roles frequently discuss it. Let us see what these performers have to say about it.

Rehan Sheikh

Rehan Sheikh recently featured on Green Entertainment’s Ramadan broadcast. In the broadcast, he responded to the question of portraying his father’s part. Rehan Sheikh stated that he does not mind portraying the role of father, but the character must have substance. Now, they cast actors just because they require a father for a role, which provides little value to the viewer.

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Aijazz Aslam

Aijaz Aslam stated that he can become the father of anyone, including Nadia Khan, but the character must be effective.

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Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan also stated that she has set a limit for herself and does not want to perform the role of a mother of grown children above the age of 18.

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Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal also spoke openly about her role as Humayun Saeed’s mother. She stated that she was hesitant to become Humayun Saeed’s mother due to the smaller age disparity.

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