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Middle East

Israel hopeful of Hamas deal to release hostages in ‘coming days’

The Qatari prime minister has said "very minor" obstacles remain to a deal between Israel and Hamas. Source link

Gaza war: Premature babies evacuated from al-Shifa hospital

The 31 babies are taken to southern Gaza, as Israeli troops control the territory's largest hospital. Source link

Video: Surviving War in Gaza, One Text Message at a Time

new video loaded: Surviving War in Gaza, One Text Message at a TimetranscriptBacktranscriptSurviving War in Gaza, One Text Message at a TimeEvery morning, Ahmed Mansour, a Palestinian filmmaker in the U.S., texts his family in Gaza to check if they are still alive. Israel’s siege on the territory has caused widespread communication blackouts, making it difficult for him...

Patients and Workers Leave Gaza Hospital Days After Israeli Raid

“Medical personnel will remain in the hospital to support patients who are unable to evacuate,” the Israeli military said in a statement, adding that it had provided “additional food, water and humanitarian assistance” to Al-Shifa overnight.It was not immediately clear how many patients, staff members or Israeli soldiers remained in the complex. Munir al-Bursh, an official with the...

March reaches Jerusalem calling for release of Israeli hostages

Protesters walked from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, before demonstrating at the Israeli prime minister's residence. Source link

Hundreds leave Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital as many feared killed at UN shelter

Dr Ramez Radwan, a doctor who said he was ordered to leave al-Shifa by Israeli authorities, described the situation at the hospital as "miserable", saying there were no painkillers or antibiotics and some patients had "worms coming out of the wounds". Source link

Israel orders evacuation Khan Younis in southern Gaza

The area hosts hundreds of thousands of people who had sought safety there after fleeing northern Gaza. Source link

Population transfer under cover of war: A visit to the forsaken land of settler militias

Since the start of the war, residents of 16 Palestinian shepherding communities have been forced out of their villages by settlers. The South Hebron Hills are now being ruled effectively by local defense squads, made up in many cases by violent settlers in uniform who are committing a population transfer Source link

Israel says it will allow two trucks of fuel a day into Gaza

Mobile phone and internet connections have reportedly been partially restored after a fuel delivery. Source link

Israel Displays Tunnel Shaft at Gaza Hospital and Says It Will Let In Some Fuel

In the darkness at Al-Shifa Hospital on Thursday night, it was unclear where the shaft led or how deep it went, although the military said it had sent a drone down at least several meters. Electrical wiring was visible inside, along with a metal staircase.Colonel Tsury acknowledged the pressure on Israel to show evidence of Hamas activity at...

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